Laser Hair Removal

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Laser hair removal is not only one of the most popular treatments in aesthetic medicine but now thanks to Aria its also one of the most affordable. Aria medical aesthetics has made it so easy for everyone to feel and look their smoothest. Our monthly memberships are determined as to what the treatment size is.

55$/ month- small area which can be a facial area such as lip, chin, sideburns , forehead , between the brows or underarms, bikini line

65$/ month- medium area which involve midface (cheeks down to neck), bikini (from traditional bikini to full Brazilian), half legs either upper or lower, chest, abdomen, buttock, or half back, half arms

125$/ month- large area which involves either full legs , full arms, full back (from neck to belt line also involves top of shoulders) and chest and abdomen

2 small areas = a medium area

2 medium areas= a large area

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